Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to go from light brown to blonde: Garnier Color Naturals 110 review!

Let me give you a little background into my hair, it was originally a highlighted blonde pictured here: (my face was blurry so i blacked it out, sorry!)

And as usual, i got bored and dyed over it.  This time i decided to dye it a copper brown with ombre blonde tips.  I don't know why i always try and go darker, because i end up missing the blonde and having to go lighter again!
This was the colour of my hair when it was ombre. luckily for me the colour didn't last long thanks to the swedish sun + dandruff shampoo

And it faded to this:

I thought i was going to have to make a trip to the hairdressers and have gradual highlights done again (the slowest, most irritating way to go light without any ginger mishaps), and as i am in Dubai at the moment, i really struggled to find any hair bleach in any of the stores to do it myself. But then i stumbled across this in the super market:  Its called Garnier Color Naturals in 110 Sandy Light Blonde. 

Now usually i would avoid blonde box dyes like the plague as they are usually a recipe for a ginger disaster and an expensive trip to the hair dressers, but something drew me in. It states on the box that it will lighten hair 3 to 4 tones lighter, which for me was perfect as i wasn't planning on going too light. This is what is known as an 'extra lightening shade' which can also be found in brands such as l'oreal feria metallic silver blonde
The key is to look for the words 'extra' or 'ultra' lightening. This means that the dye alone will lift your hair colour without needing to bleach (depending on your starting colour). I know clairol do some excellent ones as well! However, this garnier was all i could get my hands on.

 I originally planned just to add highlights using a foil technic but ended up just applying it to my whole head as i lacked patience!  my natural root colour is a light ash brown (the mousy brown kind) so i was a little worried that my roots might end up turning orange! I watched the dye carefully for 30 minutes and then rinsed with the conditioner provided in the box.

And here is the result:
A light sandy blonde with remaining highlights!  it looks natural, and i managed to avoid the clown orange tones somehow! 


  1. do you know if this product woks on ginger hair?

    1. My hair when I used this was quite a gingery copper tone so it could do!


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