Friday, October 26, 2012

Highlights at home: D.I.Y

Earlier on in september, i posted about how i lightened my hair without bleach using Garnier Color naturals in  110 Sandy blonde, the post for this can be found HERE.
Although i was originally pleased with the results, i felt that after a couple of weeks my hair had darkened and dulled. I really wanted a brighter more obvious blonde, and although i really didn't want to use bleach, i had to.

I decided to look into highlighting my hair at home, i researched it for hours on youtube and i found that the easiest way for me to do it would be to use an at home highlighting kit rather than the foiling method.

This is the result! lovely blonde highlights and wearing my new crown and glory hair extensions

This is how i did it:

I used the Jerome Russell highlighting kit:
(image from google)
Within this kit, you're given a highlighting cap a plastic cap to cover,  a long needle hook to pull the hair through the cap, bleach, developer conditioner, a mixing tray and a dye brush.

Step by step:

1. Do a strand test, depending on your starting colour, you may need to leave the bleach on your hair longer to get the desired result.

2. Begin by combing your hair back off your face, and place the highlighting cap on your head

3. On the highlighting cap will be several holes to pull your hair through. Using the needle hook, either pull hair out of every hole, or every other hole (depending on the desired amount of highlights).  The cap is also broken down into sections so you can choose to add all over highlights, or just crown highlights.

4. Once you've pulled your strands through the cap, mix the bleach and developer together in the mixing tray and add to the hair pulled out.

5. Cover with provided plastic cap and leave to develop, make sure to watch the colour so you know when to wash it off.

6. Once desired processing time is reached, wash the bleach off and apply the provided conditioner.  I also added an extra deep moisturiser as bleach can be quite damaging.  If you find that your result is a little brassy, buy a silver toned shampoo to tone the orange down, such as touch of silver or shimmer lights by clairol.

I found a good video on how to use this technique on youtube:

(video found on youtube, user: skindeepbeautytips)

although its a different brand, its the same process!


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  2. Your really Pretty, Love the hair colour. You have a lovely blog maybe we can follow each other!
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    1. thank you so much :-) just followed your blog and i love your style! you're stunning!

  3. love this blonde! your such a bonny girl darling, stop by for a chat sometime
    much love

    1. thank you lovely! loving the outfit posts on your blog!

  4. your hair is absoloutely beautiful!

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    Katie x

  5. Utterly gorgeous! I used to be really blonde but sadly it constantly damaged my weak hair and I gave up, went dark. Having itchy feets to be blonde once more!

    The Young Bridget Jones

    1. thankyou! i have the same issue right now, my hair is getting rather frazzled and the upkeep is difficult :( but everytime i go dark i just miss the blonde!


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