Thursday, December 27, 2012

SORRY! update, Dubai and christmas 2012

ahhh! i've been M.I.A for over a month now! I know i'm rubbish :(

This past month has been insanely busy for me, not only have i been buried underneath a pile of uni work, i've been pretty ill this term :( but i'm finally back home in Dubai for the christmas holiday!  Its amazing being back home, loving the sunshine, insane amount of swedish food and being with my family.

loving the sunshine and beach!

I actually haven't had a camera either as my olympus has been having problems but i got a new one for christmas so plenty of posts to come in the near future!

Christmas was amazing :) i absolutely love being home with my family! Because i'm swedish, we celebrate on the 24th evening instead.  We had a massive christmas dinner with all our traditional foods such as salmon, herring, christmas ham, meatballs and prinskorv :)  strange, i know! but its what im used to! Followed by opening our pressies :)
me (left) and my sister in front of the tree!

our christmas tree :)

swedish christmas dinner

Christmas loot!  I'll be posting a haul ASAP.

hope you all had a lovely christmas!