Tuesday, March 12, 2013

MAC Morange

Hello lovely people!

I've been looking for the perfect orange lipstick for a while now as i think that its such a gorgeous, flattering shade, especially with a tan.

I didn't have much luck with drugstore/high street brands as i could never find the bright shade that i wanted.  Then i saw shaaanxo from youtube wearing Mac Morange in one of her videos and it was gorgeous!

I ordered it from the Mac website, retailing at £14 (pricey i know).  Although i did have some problems with the delivery (i paid extra for saturday delivery and it only just arrived today), i'm in love!

it literally is the most flattering shade for my skin tone + eye colour! I can't wait till i'm back home in dubai next weekend to wear this when i get a tan!

The formula is amplified so the colour is bright and saturated, as well as creamy.  I think it definitely is my new favourite lipstick!

 What do you think?  orange lipstick, yes or no?
i personally love them!


  1. Looks great on you!xo


  2. Looks so good on you! I don't think I could pull off an orange lipstick, it's too vibrant for my pale skin tone :-/ wish I could though! X

  3. This looks beautiful on you. Perfect shade for summer as well, this may become mine before my jollys ;)

  4. This looks beautiful on you! I love orange lipstick but I just feel like it doesnt go with my skin tone or something but I might try this one!



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