Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Hair, my extensions and how i style them

Hello lovely bloggers,
A second post today! I thought i would put up a post about my hair.

I have very fine swedish hair, that doesn't grow past a certain point (it doesnt go further than my shoulders) so i have to wear extensions most of the time if i want fullness/length.

I've used A LOT of different types of extensions, from fusions to just regular clip ins, and i've actually done a full detailed post about those and my opinions on them here.

To give you an idea of my natural hair length, here is a photo with my extensions in:

As you can see, it's quite short.  I know it looks a little scruffy/damaged here, but i assure you, its actually in great condition considering my constant hair colour changes.

Anyway, on to the extensions i use.

I used to wear the Crown and Glory quadruple weft extensions (ridiculously thick extensions) review here, but when i went to go repurchase another set, they were out of stock.

So i decided to go back to a brand i had used before and liked, Foxy locks extensions.
The set i use are the 'superior set in 215gm' in the colour 'imogen blonde'. The same amount as the set i bought from Crown and Glory, but they were a lot more expensive at £120!

I do, however, love them! The clips on the extensions are great and stay in place.  I can literally swing my head around and the extensions would not even slip.  They don't weigh  my head down either like the Crown and Glory set did.

How i put them in:

I always make sure i have blow dried my natural hair with volumising spray, so my natural hair is nice and full.

Each set comes with wefts to place in.

In a set:

3 clip weft: x2
4 clip weft: x3
2 clip weft: x2
1 clip weft: x4

Working from the bottom, i use the 3 clip wefts first, followed by the 4 clip wefts on top of those. The two clip wefts are used for the sides (one on each side) and the 1 clip wefts are used anywhere on the head where you need more hair.

The creator of the extensions actually has her own youtube, and has SO many tutorials on how to do all different hairstyles using her extensions.

Here's her tutorial on how to clip them in:

How i make them blend:
I find that leaving the hair dead straight often doesn't blend well with your natural hair. So i will usually either use my heated rollers separately and let my extensions curl whilst i do my make up. Or, i'll put all the extensions in my head and then apply the rollers all over my head and proceed to do my make up.
This way, your hair and the extensions blend and make it appear as though its your own hair!

with the rollers in, attractive!

freshly rollered hair!

The rollers i use are the enrapture rollers.

Have you ever tried extensions?

my MAC lipstick collection + swatches on the lips

Hello lovely bloggers,
I'm so sorry i haven't posted in a while, and that i was meant to be posting more regularly, but due to both work and uni, its hard to balance my blog as well.

But, seeing as i just purchased a new MAC lipstick, i decided to post my collection so far! I absolutely love their lipsticks, and probably my favourite products from MAC.

my collection so far :)
 1st up: Cremecup
This is a cremesheen lipstick, and definitely one of my favourites! Its a gorgeous light blue pink that is perfect for everyday wear.  It also goes amazingly with a dark smokey eye.  The formula is very smooth and moisturising, and quite sheer.  You need to swipe it on your lips a few times to build up the colour.
Wearing Cremecup

2nd up:  Blankety
This is a soft pink beige (as described by mac) and the formula is amplified. This means the colour is very strong, and it goes on very opaque.  I absolutely love this colour when i do a smokey eye, or even just as my everyday summer lip colour. I did a review on it before which can be found here

Wearing Blankety

 3rd: Velvet teddy
Again, another nude shade, but this one is a much deeper tone. I find that its quite a sophisticated nude, a deep tone beige. Its almost a brown but i find that if paired with the right make up, its a really classy look! Again, i reviewed this in the same post as blankety found here. The formula of this is matte, so it is a bit drying.

Wearing velvet teddy

 4th: Snob
It seems like i have a lot of pink and nude shades from MAC! But its only because they're the easiest to wear. This one is a very pale almost lilac shade of pink, and one of their really popular lipsticks. Although, i'm not really a big fan of it. Because i have quite a warm complexion, the lilac tone of the lipstick washes me out. The formula, however, is really nice and smooth as its a satin finish. It almost has a slight gloss to it.

Wearing Snob

5th: Ruby Woo
This is my absolute favourite. Its one of the shades i picked up most recently, and it really is the perfect red. Its a 'vivid blue red' as described by mac. Although i originally thought because of my warm complexion that i would have been better suited to Lady Danger, i absolutely LOVE this colour. Its a matte finish (extremely matte, and quite dry, but i personally quite like that) and it doesn't budge at all from my lips. Its such a gorgeous 'retro' red colour. Very vintage pin up. I can't wait to pair it up with a winged eye.

Wearing Ruby Woo

Lastly: Morange
This is a bright orange lipstick, described by MAC as a 'loud mouth orange'. Although before i would have avoided any bright lipsticks like the plague, i've been really getting into my bright colours! I love the shade of this lipstick, and i feel like if you're quite tanned, this will really suit you. The fact that the formula is amplified just makes the colour so vivid! Again, i have done a review on this shade before, found here

Wearing Morange

And that's my collection folks!
Have you tried any of these shades? What's your favourite mac lipstick?