Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Hair, my extensions and how i style them

Hello lovely bloggers,
A second post today! I thought i would put up a post about my hair.

I have very fine swedish hair, that doesn't grow past a certain point (it doesnt go further than my shoulders) so i have to wear extensions most of the time if i want fullness/length.

I've used A LOT of different types of extensions, from fusions to just regular clip ins, and i've actually done a full detailed post about those and my opinions on them here.

To give you an idea of my natural hair length, here is a photo with my extensions in:

As you can see, it's quite short.  I know it looks a little scruffy/damaged here, but i assure you, its actually in great condition considering my constant hair colour changes.

Anyway, on to the extensions i use.

I used to wear the Crown and Glory quadruple weft extensions (ridiculously thick extensions) review here, but when i went to go repurchase another set, they were out of stock.

So i decided to go back to a brand i had used before and liked, Foxy locks extensions.
The set i use are the 'superior set in 215gm' in the colour 'imogen blonde'. The same amount as the set i bought from Crown and Glory, but they were a lot more expensive at £120!

I do, however, love them! The clips on the extensions are great and stay in place.  I can literally swing my head around and the extensions would not even slip.  They don't weigh  my head down either like the Crown and Glory set did.

How i put them in:

I always make sure i have blow dried my natural hair with volumising spray, so my natural hair is nice and full.

Each set comes with wefts to place in.

In a set:

3 clip weft: x2
4 clip weft: x3
2 clip weft: x2
1 clip weft: x4

Working from the bottom, i use the 3 clip wefts first, followed by the 4 clip wefts on top of those. The two clip wefts are used for the sides (one on each side) and the 1 clip wefts are used anywhere on the head where you need more hair.

The creator of the extensions actually has her own youtube, and has SO many tutorials on how to do all different hairstyles using her extensions.

Here's her tutorial on how to clip them in:

How i make them blend:
I find that leaving the hair dead straight often doesn't blend well with your natural hair. So i will usually either use my heated rollers separately and let my extensions curl whilst i do my make up. Or, i'll put all the extensions in my head and then apply the rollers all over my head and proceed to do my make up.
This way, your hair and the extensions blend and make it appear as though its your own hair!

with the rollers in, attractive!

freshly rollered hair!

The rollers i use are the enrapture rollers.

Have you ever tried extensions?


  1. I have also used Foxy locks and I have enrapture rollers haha!! :D Love them both:) you look really pretty xxx

  2. You look so stunning! So in need of extensions, my hair is so stubborn and doesn't grow past a certain length. I really need to just splurge on a good set of extensions so def gona check out the ones you've mentioned here x

  3. You look absolute amazing with your extensions! I took off my tape extensions just today and feel like a bald now. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna buy clip on extensions and I'm considering these!

  4. These look gorgeous I love my extensions when I want to feel a little bit more dressed up

    Followed you Hun amazing blog

    Carrieanne x

  5. You look so beautiful! Great post, great photos! : ) I like it so much! : )

  6. I have Nominated you for the Liebster award as love reading your blog. Its just a way of recognising Blogs with under 200 Followers. Hope you dont mind and if you want to do it just nip over to my blog and read the rules.

    Carrieanne x

  7. Wow you're hair looks lush! I always use the Headkandy extensions, theyre really tick too!

    I got the Enrapture Rollers for Christmas but have barely used them, time to pull them out I think! Love your blog ♥

    Stevie Hearts Makeup

    Stevie xxx

  8. I am bit of a hair extension addict! I hate wearing them straight, like you I just don' think they blend at all!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  9. Nice blog. Follow you!

    Please follow me :))

  10. Never had extensions, my hair grows super fast any way :) Great post though x

  11. I love the look of foxylocks extensions, I've wanted them for ages but scared they wouldn't blend with my hair. One day I'll get them, I'm sure.
    Just followed your blog via GFC, lovely :)

    FashionProject x

  12. They look so amazing and natural on you. I am still waiting for my hair to get a little longer before i can wear extensions :(


  13. Oooooh you look so gorgeous! It looks so natural too :) xx

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  15. I've never used them but you make me want to. They looks fabulous on you! xx

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  19. Hi, great post, love this! you look gorgeous!! :)

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  20. Great post! :)
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  21. Foxy Locks may have been more expensive but considering the pros, it seemed like a much better choice for you. That said, great tip on blending the extensions with your real hair! Do you cut your extensions to match your current hairstyle as well?


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